Required documents for registration of students of the first stage in the internal departments of the University of Tal Afar academic year (2019-2020)

1. Fill out the online form on the link below

2 - endorsement from the college confirming the acceptance of the student with the name of the department

3- Four documents (Civil Status ID + Nationality Certificate + Housing Card + Ration Card) or (National ID + Housing Card + Ration Card)

4-white background pictures (4)

5 - Attendance of the sponsor in person + the identity of the sponsor (identity of work) + endorsement from the department to which the sponsor affirms his continued work entitled to the Department of Internal Affairs Dhi Qar University

6 - transparent file contains all Almstmsatk

7 - Attendance to the Division of Student Housing in the Faculty of Engineering administrative wing

8 - Attendance of the student / guardian
Submission ends on Sunday 3/11/2019

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